Parameters of Possibility

Parameters of Possibility

The time upon which you find yourself is a time to erase the parameters of possibility (societal rules and expectations). These are drawn throughout your life and continue to be reinforced. Who draws them? And why? The parameters (lines) are drawn using ‘pencils of possibility’. The pencils can be reporters, politicians, teachers, physicians, parents, or anyone else of authority or influence. A few examples of these parameters of possibility are that ‘you are not good enough’, ‘if you don’t go to college you will never amount to anything’ or ‘just get a job to get by’. Anyone can insert parameters of possibility into your life and then you live by those parameters. You live your life within those lines; within the parameters of illusions that were drawn by others. Because most of the parameters are drawn in pencil they can be erased. It is through your own mind, beliefs or actions that this can be done.

However, some parameters of possibility are security parameters and are put there for a reason. These parameters are written in pen and are not easily overridden. One example of a security parameter is that humans cannot fly. So a way humans artificially override this concept is through the invention of airplanes. Technically you can fly but you are not designed to fly without invention. If you were to literally jump off a cliff, then flying without a contraption would not be possible, therefore this parameter exists to keep you safe.

Parameters of possibility are written in pencil because they are inserted into your belief system. They are not there when you were born, rather taught as you grow and journey through existence. The parameters that have been inserted into your life are the lines in which you live by. Just outside of these lines are your dreams, the sky high limits that may seem unattainable. Dare to dream outside the lines!

Dare to erase the parameters that have been drawn in pencil. They try to dictate that you are not allowed to go outside the lines. Reaching without limits is for those who think outside of the lines, or for those who erase the ones that exist. Not everyone dares to dream outside of the lines and would rather risk staying where they are. But bear in mind, your dreams are there for you to follow.

Some pencils are sharper than others, while some are dull. Yet, these obscurities and miscalculations become increasingly more obvious upon examination. Why must they be drawn in the first place? To keep you inside the lines… the box… the cage… the prison of illusion. These lines can be reinforced to the point where anytime they are challenged; those who drew them will adamantly deny that it is possible to go beyond their boundaries.

At this point, some will accept that others dreams can come true, but not their own. Most of those who live within the parameters succumb to the belief that they are meant to punch a time clock or live life through the same pattern every day to keep within the lines. They are satisfied to settle for a few shining moments of joy rather than step outside the parameters of possibility.

Those who can see the lines and erase them or draw new ones are the ones who can attain their dreams. Since the lines are the only thing holding them back, they see past the boundaries that confine them.

The difference between you and the mundane is that those who see their dreams can also see ways to make them come true. Even if they can’t see how to make them come true, they can at least grab on to the feeling – the knowing – that they will. It is that knowing which reveals the “how” it can be done.

Of course this can bring a feeling of uncertainty or nervousness because you are going someplace you were not supposed to go. You were supposed to stay within the lines instead of erasing them to break through the parameters of possibility that have been drawn in for you to believe.

You see, by reaching beyond the limitations that were positioned by those people of authority or influence, you can then move into a life without limits. That is where the real excitement is! That is where the endless possibilities exist. That is where you can go… and this is where you are now. The lines can be erased, but you must walk through the emotions, turmoil and uncertainty in order to change your beliefs in what is truly possible for you. That is how life goes from the parameters of illusion to one of endless possibilities, if that is your choice.

We encourage you to choose to paint your own picture. Live outside the parameters of possibility by allowing yourself to live without the lines that bind you to illusions of what is possible. You are the creator of your life; you can choose to believe the illusion painted by others or free yourself to live the life of your dreams.

You are love, you are light, you are the power beyond and it is found within.

We are Rainbow Walker. Thank you.