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Rainbow Walker’s material has been published in numerous magazines and online publications to include: Sedona Journal of Emergence, LightWorkers World, Spiritual Now, Transformation Magazine, Inner Change, The Messenger, New Spiritual Journal, True Blue Spirit, Mystic Living Today…and many more.

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mystic living 

Discover : “Beach of Life” by Rainbow Walker as featured in Mystic Living Today


Learn how to get through “Life Transitions” by Rainbow Walker


Check out “Choices” by Rainbow Walker in The Messenger


Discover how you are living in Offensive Living vs Defensive Living by Rainbow Walker


Learn to discern Truth vs Illusion by Raibow Walker in Spiritual Now

lightworkers world

See how you fit into the “Play of Life” by Rainbow Walker in LightWorkers World

Spiritual Media Blog

Learn more about Matthew Douglas (Channel of the spiritual beings known as Rainbow Walker) in the Spiritual Media Blog


The Sedona Journal of Emergence has featured several articles by Rainbow Walker (due to subscription requirements, we did not link to articles but did link to author page)