Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Does the unknown scare you enough that you settle with the life you have instead of moving forward onto the life you desire?

Transitions in life are those times on your path when decisions bring more decisions, affecting more decisions and so forth. Surrounding these decisions are emotions of uncertainty. Which choice should I make? Which way should I go? Am I doing the right thing?

These emotions do not change your destination, or the certainty of where you want to go. It is just the uncertainty of how to get there that causes havoc. This is a quandary. Having uncertainty shakes the faith you must have to make the right decisions, but rather than fighting the emotions you should allow them to flow freely. Transitions are a time when everything is moving at high speed and where nothing seems solid. In order for your path to move forward, this must be so. It is much like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle, perhaps while under pressure of someone standing over your shoulder. It may very well seem this way, at least figuratively speaking.

These transitions are the most powerful and magical of times because it means that the manifestation process is taking hold within you. You will soon realize how to get to your new desires and how to move forward. Even if the direct path is not clear, you may have a knowing inside that it will be revealed to you. Although uncertain, it is already certain inside that you will get there, you are just unsure how. The clarity of your path with a vision of how to move forward is not supposed to be known by you. This is for the Universe to figure it out. Therefore, the frustration you are experiencing when things are not moving forward at your pace takes away from the focus that they are in fact moving forward. The frustration in the timing of things takes away from the journey from point A to point B. But timing is everything and nothing.Time is everything and nothing all at the same time, all within the same realm. When you are in this time of transition – you are in the nothing – which is the space in between point A and point B. Rest assured, out of nothing always comes something. Out of something, you are always learning, growing, evolving and the peace can be felt within. Maybe not in every situation, but with the ultimate conclusion of this situation forebodes in the completion of this time. It will be more certain than ever and the feeling of this internal certainty will overcome all of the frustration and uncertainty of what you are seeing unfold.

This is your moment of faith and silence. It is not enough that you trust in the universe, nor the love, peace and positivity that is brought to you. This time you must trust in yourself. Trust in your decision, because interference from others can only cloud your ability to make the right decisions. Have resilient faith in your decision, while searching within yourself on finding the best way to move forward. Trust your feeling within.

Once a decision has been made to transition, the secondary ripples of that choice will take place. This is point A. The waves can amplify that feeling of confusion. You know you are moving from point A to point B – because that is what you decided to do – and perhaps others will be affected by this transitional decision. For example, moving, or leaving, or going back to college, etc. may all fall under that point of transition. In your transition from point A to point B, some people may choose to remain in point A and not move to point B with you. This brings additional emotions because being your true self, you do not want to hurt people nor do them wrong. You want to leave things a certain way.

Trust that your spirit guides and angels are helping in this transition. Follow the path that leads you to where you want to go instead of wondering how to get out of the situation of where you are now. Just get things in motion before worrying about the past. You cannot leave point A until point B is available to you, and sometimes arrangements must be made. So those emotions or uncertainty of not wanting to leave things a certain way will work themselves out. Then you can let go the way you want to. You can’t help anyone else if you don’t help yourself first.

People have risen out of unemployment, homelessness, illness and other grand adversities. When you get into such a situation, it might make you start to think poorly of yourself.“Am I worth less than I think I am?” No, but your current situation might project that feeling, when in reality the universe is moving things around so that you can go forward and regain your self-worth and self-confidence. Trust that right now, things are adjusting so that you can obtain the level of worth that is worthy of you

Sometimes the universe does not let things happen the way you want; but the transition will happen the way it is meant to happen. Make the decision. Set the intention. Then, take one step at a time and allow the transition to unfold the way it is designed. The universe will oblige, but not always in the way you want it to. Just trust yourself, your decision and knowing when it is time to move forward. Moving forward is the only way to let go of the past.

Remember there is more than one way to get to a destination. No matter how many different ways you go, your path will lead you to where you are meant to be. The importance is not how you get there and that truly doesn’t matter. The only thing critical is that you do whatever it takes to make it to point B. Only choose what “feels right” and you will not lose.

It is hard to focus on something else when you are engulfed in what you do not want. The more you focus on the future, the less the past will affect you. Your situation is temporary, but only you are in control of how temporary. You only have to survive until survival is not needed. When you take each step to move forward, you will move forward. The past will no longer be given any thought because the future is all you think about.

If you are continually brought down to a level where you have to fight off negative feelings, where you continue to fight off that which you don’t want in your life but have to tolerate as long as it is…this negativity is not meant to come with you. It is only temporary. But, our love for you is not temporary. The love in the universe and the love of the source are permanent. Even in an environment of hate and negativity, the love and positivity will always overcome. Please keep the faith. You have the power within to make any transitions in your life that you know are needed. You have the power within to move forward on your path and go where you know you are meant to be.

You are love, you are light, you are the power beyond and it is found within.

We are Rainbow Walker. Thank you.