Burn It Down, Let It Go

 Burn It Down, Let It Go

Have you ever been asked at some point in your life, “If your house was on fire, what would you grab to take with you?” In other words, what things have worth to you? Using a reverse exercise, we want you to go backwards and ask this question differently. “If your house was burning down, what would you put in it?”

  •  What things would you release from your belongings or be willing to get rid of?
  • What would you discard from your life that you thought had meaning, but when it came down to it, did not mean that much?

For this exercise, write down five things that you are holding onto in your life or that you may have trouble parting with. What are these attachments that you wish you could get rid of or that no longer serve you as they once did? After you have jotted down five objects, persons or things… realize that they are not worth the paper they are written on. What you may be holding onto emotionally or that you can’t let out in addition to material things can also be included.

This is the day for you to let go. You can visualize putting these things in that fire and releasing them. Although it is indeed a tragedy for people to have their house burn down, this is not the focus we wish to stress upon you, nor do we wish this upon anyone. But have you ever looked around your surroundings and made an emotional tally of what you have accumulated and dragged with you throughout your life? Things that remind you of breakups, death, debt or situations that have caused you pain or discomfort? These create feelings that you may not understand how to release or process. However, the quickest way to let go of something is to be open to new things to come into your life.

When it comes to relationships or what you thought was love, it should never be about what the other person can give to you. Hypothetical wholeness or happiness in a relationship cannot be found through someone else, such as hoping you could find this magical person that would bring you the happiness and fulfilment that you seek. Instead, truly living your life and strengthening the connection between your external and internal self is where the happiness starts and where the choice begins.

Relationships are not just about getting married and being tied to one person. The love that you feel for that person may enhance your level of happiness and contentment within your heart, but you cannot rely on one single person to provide the peace and love that starts within your heart. What you see in the good times of your relationships are simply one point in your life; a moment when both of your energies aligned and those feelings manifested themselves before you. But all too frequently, people dwell on the past relationships instead of learning from them. What you should put in that fire is the worry, resentment, and pain that came from letting go or realizing that the relationship was over. It wasn’t something in the relationship that changed; it was your paths that changed.

Sometimes, the only way to move beyond the pain is to bring it out into the open. The emotion is to be honored, yet not carried forward. All too often, people try to analyze and examine what went wrong, when really nothing went wrong except your paths were not designed to walk together.

In an ideal relationship, a connection is in finding someone like-minded. If someone is too attached to their past, they can sometimes remain there and repeat past errors. You cannot hold on to the past and expect happiness to come into the future. Your happiness is now, and the past is gone. After you realize that happiness comes from within, then the right relationships can be attracted to you.

Yes, you should make connections and experience love. You deserve it. However, those who refuse to learn from past mistakes will carry them throughout their lives. Bringing us back to the lesson. What if you burned those things which keep you tethered to the past, rather than bringing them into the future?

Let go of the past, but hold on to the lessons. The knowledge will make your life brighter because the mistakes are gifts. Therefore, the knowledge gives you power to improve your life going forward by not reliving the past. Forgive them and wish them well on their journey, but move ahead on yours. Happiness is your priority. You don’t need someone to make you happy, you are already okay. When happiness is already within your soul, then choice is the only thing missing.

Instead of lighting your past on fire – as you thought we might suggest – instead, go to your bathroom and flush the past down the drain. The water flowing represents emotions that you’re letting go. Float them away and embrace the future now. Appreciate that happiness is finally your decision, rather than relying on someone else for it.

You are love, you are light, you are the power beyond and it is found within.

We are Rainbow Walker. Thank you.