The Beginning

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The Beginning

The Beginning identifies a major shift happening in the world today.  Rainbow Walker lovingly shares where this world is headed, offers perspectives that can assist in seeing the truth of this reality, and discover what is holding this world back from peace and love. It is our hope that this book enables you to begin to see who you truly are and the role you play in this shift. The Beginning identifies the deep-seated obstacles to truth and individual happiness that historically have been largely prevalent in this world. Then gently yet powerfully, outlines the process you and the world must undergo in order to break the bonds of external conditioning, societal influences, materialism, and negative past experiences to shift consciousness on a global scale, a shift rooted in mass individual awakenings.

This book offers knowledge and insight that may be surprising when seen for the first time. Rest assured that the clarity of new found truth is a beautiful sight to behold. This shift is not the end of the world…it is The Beginning!

6×9 Book / 148 Pages

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