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The Power of the Rainbow Walker

As a symbol of what we wish to accomplish, the Rainbow Walker name was chosen by the collective group of spiritual advisors to signify the astounding brilliance and magic of a rainbow. It is no coincidence that a rainbow comes after a storm, as it reveals the blue sky of hope and promise to those who have also journeyed through darkness and into the light.

Rainbow Walker remains authentic in its commitment to provide people with the tools, resources, and products needed to help them find their way on this amazing ride through life. Drawing strengths from their individual talents and wisdom, these spiritual advisors have formed a powerful team that together has helped thousands to reach the truth, peace, happiness and enlightenment found within.


The Team of Three & Their Spiritual Advisors Who Call Themselves Rainbow Walker

The Team of Three
Tapping into the concepts of their spiritual advisors – Vicki Higgins, Matthew Douglas and Cheryl Rae, welcome readers into a friendly environment of like-minded life walkers and light workers. Each one of them came to find their truth in their own unique way and are here to help others do the same. Collectively the Team of Three has been studying these concepts for decades and carry a natural divine gift to deliver their knowledge to the masses.

Rainbow Walker -The Spiritual Advisors
Matthew channels the message of a group of spiritual advisors who call themselves Rainbow Walker. Rainbow Walker includes Zac (Matthew’s guide), Seth (Cheryl Rae’s guide), Yogi (an ancient master and Vicki’s guide), Joy (a loving angel who helps to raise the vibration); and others who are pulled in as needed.

Read more about each member of the Team of Three below:


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Matthew Douglas was born and raised in a small Indiana town in the United States and is the youngest of four siblings.  He faced many challenges in life, which provided him with the growth he needed to step forward into this expression of his true purpose.

Matthew realized he was a natural channel for Rainbow Walker in 2003 and has been channeling them ever since. He is dedicated to sharing their transformative information with the world, working closely with his personal spirit guide, Zac.  He is passionate about spreading their inspirational work and enjoys helping others find their true path by looking within.



Cheryl ‘Rae’ is guided by Seth– the same Seth that worked through Jane Roberts in the 1970s. She has developed a long, loving, and magical relationship with Seth, who connected with Rae throughout her childhood. In 1984, the year that Ms. Roberts passed away, Seth became Rae’s permanent guide. Seth has identified himself to be part of the group of spiritual advisors known as Rainbow Walker, whose aim is to bring new guidance into the world now.  Cheryl Rae’s focus and responsibility is on bringing forth this important, current work.

Rae is now walking her true path with Seth’s loving guidance.  She is passionate about writing and helping others realize that they can find their own happiness by being true to themselves without having to conform to societal expectations.

Cheryl Rae feels this life is a playing field for our soul to play, learn, grow, and evolve.


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Vicki is an author and speaker, Vicki shares the key to “resetting your life” to live with more passion, more purpose and more fulfillment. Many people climb the corporate ladder to success only to reach the top and think “is this it?”

Vicki completely understands this experience. She turned some childhood adversities around and became an over-achiever. She became a model and commercial actor, received her MBA, developed an illustrious resume, traveled the world, became the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of a high profile destination marketing organization and received a certification that fewer than 500 people in the world hold as a certified destination marketing executive. She thought that making it to the top would provide happiness and total fulfillment. Instead, she felt exhausted, overworked, stressed out, she had no time for herself and wondered “Is This IT?”

Vicki decided to hit the reset button on her life and make some major changes. She crossed the bridge to her own true happiness – which is not the plan that society lays out for people!  Vicki now speaks to groups around the world to help people live with more passion, discover their purpose, and create a life of happiness and fulfillment.

If you are ready to hit the reset button on your life and begin living the life of your dreams – it’s not too late!  Visit www.vickihiggins.com to download a complimentary workbook to get started today!


The Meaning of Rainbow Walker

Rainbow Walker is important because the rainbow is bright. The rainbow is energetic. The rainbow encompasses the light in beautiful ways. It is a rainbow that brings smiles to people when they see them and it is somewhat magical when it manifests itself. It is no coincidence that a rainbow comes after a storm or after a rain shower. It is to show people that they have come through the darkness and back into the light. That is symbolic of what we are trying to do here.

Rainbows yield an energetic vibration with bright colors that bring happiness, hope and promise. To see a rainbow in the sky is truly a marvelous gift from the source and we are delighted to deliver its namesake to our fans, friends, loyalists and enthusiasts.